The diverse work of legendary Canadian/American singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland has been gathering momentum and recognition in recent years thanks to a reissue of the extraordinary folk-jazz of his debut self-titled album (1970) and the widespread discovery of the acclaimed synth-explorations of his masterpiece Keyboard Fantasies (1986).

Throughout a fifty year recording career, Glenn Copeland's music has defied categorisation and genre. Glenn is delighted to announce the forthcoming re-issue of his extraordinary but little-known album Primal PrayerPrimal Prayer was originally self-released in 2004 under the nom de plume 'Phynix' to a small but appreciative audience.  It's 8 tracks are a rhythmically complex and wildly creative fusion of jazz, world, dance and classical genres.

Primal Prayer will be available on vinyl through US re-issues specialist label ORG Music and digitally through Glenn's own label.

To celebrate the impending re-issue, Glenn has given the world a taste of the album with the lead-track La Vita. As a piece of music La Vita is life-affirming and without comparison or precedent. An operatic soprano, performed by the late Maggie Hollis, is tethered to earth by the ostinato of a xylophone, warm synth pads, strings and percussion - before Glenn himself enters the fray, his soulful voice melding with that of the soprano. It shouldn't work but it does. It feels like magic. It is magic. 

Glenn himself described the creation of the song: "I have always felt that the music I transcribe is piped in, so to speak, on wave lengths to which I am attuned. I woke up one morning speaking passable Italian. I wrote this song. By the end of the day, I no longer spoke Italian. Short, but sweet. The heart-centered operatic voice you hear is that of the late Maggie Hollis, who was a dear friend. This is the first cut on my Primal Prayer album of 2004/2005."