Melbourne producer, singer and songwriter Eilish Gilligan has made a big mark over the past couple years, self-releasing an incredible series of stand-alone singles that showcase the vulnerability of an innate and reflective songwriter coupled with an instinct for powerful emotive pop.

There is an athleticism to Eilish’s performance – there’s craft there, a certain training and sense of discipline that’s hard to cultivate without years of work. There is power in her vocals, but restraint, too; she knows that an emotional gutting is done better with a whisper than with a yell. Eilish has a keen sense of how deeply devastating a lone voice and some synths can be.

“Eilish Gilligan has shown remarkable flexibility as an artist. She’s knocked it out of the park” – Purple Sneakers

“Eilish is unstoppable.” – Pilerats 

“With immense talent for hard-hitting and relatable lyrics in a package of ear-worm pop, Eilish Gilligan is one of my favourite emerging artists” – Purple Sneakers